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Slowdown Skeptic

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Thomas S.:

Simply clear graphs. …

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I’m skeptical. In particular, about this idea that the rate of global warming at Earth’s surface has recently exhibited a slowdown.

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Having a new start

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The thought is ‘I want never to have that happen again’ – and to have that thought strongly firmly and sincerely is important to me.  I do never want that to happen again.  I want to remember that I want that never to happen again. The facts of the matter are mine, but the intent is public. There you go. Public. 

the ‘Meaningful Work’ thread – 1

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Newsflash – I have decided that in my search for meaningful work that I take up a suggestion on restarting a stale job hunting journey – to develop a routine, blog about this journey and a third is to explore what this meaningful work would look like.

My thoughts on this to go here.

I want meaningful work – this is the work that I do that inspires me, fulfills me, gives me joy in accomplishment and gives me a delight to share with others. The job is the work is the meaning is the purpose. I want purposeful work.

In my mind, there is a benchmark for meaningless work.

I recall a story about a ‘make work’ scheme from the 1950’s where there were two people digging furiously along the side of a road, the story teller says it was the beach north of Scarborough –  one person would dig a trench in the sand – sweat dripping off and back fizzing with black flies, and the person behind would fill it in, grunting and groaning while sinking his worn shoes deep into the hot sand. A passer by asked ‘what are you two doing’ – the answer was that there was a third person who was meant to be planting trees who was on his day off – and they resumed the futile furious digging, furious filling, meaningless work. I use that as a test of meaningless work when I view what options there are around the place. But, buy gosh, they must have felt fit while doing what they were doing.

So what is meaningful work to me?  It is something I get out of bed for – it is something that I feel inspired by, it is something that I have pride and pleasure in doing well and it is something that is challenging. I want the job to be something that I can excel at, and grow at, and edge gently through the success valleys and peaks.  I want to be excited by it.

But what is it, and how do I find it?  What is the test – the routine I need to develop to hunt for it and find it? Is it sitting down and thinking? Is it using my still unfinished Masters at Melbourne University? What does my unfinished masters contribute to in this meaningful work?  How do I maintain my enthusiasm?  What are the people I find there doing?  How do they achieve their goals?  Do I seek a job with social aspects or a social aspect with a Job?  What is my pathway to explore this?

There is some pondering to do on this. In the meantime …

Meaningful Play

Meaningful Play

I propose: to listen to some podcasts on looking for work in the world of Seek & Linked In & Adzuna. I want to know the different things that are happening now that we don’t have fat listings of jobs in the newspaper, but we do have instant template resumes whizzing around the internet able to be looked at and discarded by wordsearch engines.

What do I want from these podcasts – several things – optimism, learning about how other people use these tools, a sense of the tools being effective tools when used right, of being clear with outcomes in using these job search tools, and a sense of purpose in this job hunting activity.

Let see how we go – First website –

Podcasts downloaded :
1) 1 February 2015 – Peggy McKee – How to pass the phone interview
2) 18 January 2015 – Rebecca Mersiowsky – How I got my job in Marketing
3) 4 January 2015 – Career Coach Daisy Wright – Her new book.
4) 14 December 2014 – Chris Russell is joined by Hannah Morgan in wrapping up the 2014 job market year – 2014 Job Year Wrapup.

All are .mp3 files ranging from 21-42 min being from 9-23mb

Now to listen and reflect.  See you tomorrow.


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